The group classes I teach are a mixture of Hatha yoga and Alignment Based Flow.

I hope to create a class where we move gracefully and with awareness between the poses. This helps to move your energy and unlock stiffness or tightness in the body whilst also working on aligning and strengthening the body at the same time. 

I do offer some gentle hands on adjustments in class  to help individuals find a better alignment and to encourage them to relax so the body can open up. Each group class includes some breath work or pranayama and ends with a guided relaxation and sometimes a few minutes of meditation.


My classes are a mixture of age and ability and are open to everyone. If you are new to yoga I will be able to help you learn the basic poses alongside those who have been practising for a while. I offer lots of ways of extending and modifying poses so that they suit everyone. 

At the end of each session you will leave feeling lighter, taller and more positive about life.


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