Come and relax in a beautiful riverside farmhouse in rural France with twice daily yoga sessions. Each Yoga session will focus on a different part of the body , such as, the upper back, neck and shoulders, lower back, hips, legs and core. In these classes we will also look at different themes such as ways to boost your energy and sequences designed to aid digestion or to help you unwind at the end of the day. Every day ends with a guided relaxation or meditation.

This is a holiday designed to make you feel fantastic, you will eat delicious healthy local food, relax and unwind by the pool, walk in beautiful countryside and explore traditional French markets, returning home restored and full of energy. (First three pictures on the left).

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Dates for Yoga Holiday
7th - 11th June 2017


7th - 9th November 2017

At Restore you will leave your normal routines behind and enjoy the benefits of being all women in a nurturing,magical and truly restorative setting where you will learn the benefits of organic food that can energise, nutrition, yoga and relaxation in order to kick start your energy levels for the Spring. Enjoy and relax in the sanctuary of Lydney Park with its beautiful gardens and parkland!

Included in the price are morning juice, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner; morning and evening yoga (4 sessions); a nutritional lecture with Noonie and a raw food demonstration with Q & A with Asa. A guided meditation and deep relaxation at the end of each day. Reflexology, facials and massages are extra. This retreat is very, very relaxed with plenty of exploring, walking, sleeping and reading time. (Fourth picture on the left and the one below).

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